With a “wear your heart on your sleeve” Louisville, KY native, Brandy Neelly will draw you in with her unwavering authenticity and bold lyrical style. Neelly released her first EP “Honest” in 2018 which features five songs, including one of her most requested tracks ”Tipsy,”produced by Art Ward of Century Music Group. Neelly calls her second home the stage and has opened for several well known artists including, Love and Theft, Mark Willis and The Kentucky Headhunters. In 2015, Neelly was one of the lucky Top 15 contestants on the hit television show American Idol, where she received impressive reviews from judges Keith Urban, JLo and Steven Tyler. 

Neelly currently finds herself writing songs that are true to herself and beyond anything else; songs that connect with her fans. Her most recent release “Back in This Bar,” an up-beat anthem, was produced by her current producer, Chris Sligh. Neelly is moving towards the next release of her single “S.O.B,” set to release on September 1st 2021. 

2022 will hold several major releases for Neelly as she gears up for the release of her debut album “I Know Where You Live” that emphasizes the capabilities of strong-willed, powerful women in today’s society. Get ready to hop in and hold on tight; Neelly has some stories to tell.

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